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DAaaS Management Solutions

Services to simplify and implement accessibility

A11Yn Platform is Digital Accessibility as a Service (DAaaS) — with everything you need to simplify, integrate and manage your digital accessibility solutions.

Built with the user in mind, the A11Yn Platform is based on years of expertise in helping organizations deliver all types of accessible projects. Our unique accessibility framework (AAF) can help your team clarify requirements, shorten process, and collaborate to deliver accessible projects that fulfill organizational needs.

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Enable your accessibility process with A11Yn features

Automated Assessments

Automatically assess the current state of your website to map potential accessibility challenges and de-risk digital assets.

Manual Audits

Expand your Automated Assessment with a Manual Audit for a detailed view of specific challenges, remediation options, and potential opportunities.

Simplify Accessibility

Plan and strategize based on best practices and streamlined implementation choices with measurable impact.

Integrate Workflow

Create visible workflow implementation that can be tracked and shared with your team.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs — and drive value — by assessing accessibility actions and implementing the most impactful elements first.

Maximize Impact

Use our internal frameworks, tools and best practices to simplify your workflow for amplified accessibility impact.

Framework Integration

Our proven accessibility framework allows your team to maximize their accessibility implementation simply and easily.

Training Modules

Readily available training modules allow your team to onboard new members, and expand implementation as needed.

Simplified accessibility at your fingertips

Implement Seamlessly

The A11Yn platform allows you to manage the implementation of all accessibility initiatives across teams, departments and projects for seamless success.

Our AAF Framework is fully integrated within project stages – from requirements gathering, to n, devel opment, and testing activities – to ensure accessibility is consistent throughout the project lifecycle. 

Leverage built-in functionality such as wireframe annotations and accessibility tickets, to task and communication management, as well as features including dashboards, roadmaps and code libraries.

Never lose traction again.

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