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Our Mission & Vision

We envision an accessible, inclusive digital world

This is digital accessibility simplified.

Our Mission is to partner with companies and communities to educate, support, and solve digital accessibility challenges for all.

Our Vision is to help partners and clients create inclusive digital spaces for engagement — in order to increase organizational impact — to reach a wider, more diverse audience and ultimately, enable business goals.

Our Process includes fully enabling client teams to work independently (with easy-to-use tools, frameworks and best practices), while also offering full expert support from initial assessment to final implementation.


Digitally Accessible

Driven by Mission

About Our Name

Why do we use ‘A’ followed by ’11’ then ‘Y’?  

There are 11 letters between the “a” and the “y” in accessibility, the community has adopted the universally known abbreviation of a11y — often stated as A-Eleven-Y but verbally pronounced ‘ally’. 

Digita11y reflects our focus on ensuring accessibility for digital products. 

Enacted with Vision

Our History

Digita11y Accessible is a privately-owned Canadian tech startup headquartered in the dynamic and multicultural city of Toronto, with employees located across Canada, the United States and Europe. 

Co-founded in August 2020 by Juan Olarte and Mark B. Jackson, the tech startup officially launched due to growing need based on pandemic turmoil; but the idea was years in the making. Since then, the company has grown exponentially and continues to expand rapidly, with a team dedicated to bridging the digital accessibility gap for organizations. 

Juan Olarte, CEO, is a 20-year expert in the Accessibility space, and Mark B. Jackson, COO, is 20-year business operations veteran. Together the Founding Partners have more than 40 years business experience across the Banking, Telecommunications, Retail, Education, Consulting, Government and Tech sectors in Canada and the United States. 

Digita11y Accessible is rewriting the digital accessibility playbook with its custom digital platform, A11Yn™, a full-serve interactive project management tool built to identify and efficiently solve accessibility gaps. 

Young businesswoman and her diverse team brainstorming with sticky notes on a glass wall while working together in a modern office

Our team has the expertise, commitment and lived experience necessary for success

We’ve helped some of the world’s most impactful companies assess and resolve digital accessibility challenges. Our team of experts has supported leaders and teams through all types of accessible initiatives.

A photo of our CEO, Juan Olarte, smiling in a grey suit, and a warm office background.

Juan Olarte

Founder & CEO

Juan is an accessibility veteran with more than 20 years’ experience. Juan, who immigrated to Canada from Colombia in 1999, is legally blind, and is deeply conscious…  Read Juan’s Full Bio >

A photo of COO Mark Jackson, wearing a grey suit outside on a sunny day.

Mark B. Jackson

Founder & COO

Mark is a 20-year business operations veteran who has built a notable resume throughout his career. A former track World Championship medalist and Canadian Olympian…  Read Mark’s Full Bio >

A photo of CFO Norman Son Kee, smiling, wearing a black suit, and standing in front of a blue background.

Norman Son Kee

Management Consultant

Norman is a business solution specialist and has a successful track record of managing risk, while utilizing data analysis to increase the bottom line — thus enabling the leadership….  Read Norman’s Full Bio >

A photo of Barton Bonbrest smiling, wearing a black business shirt, and standing in front of a piece of art.

Barton Bonbrest

Business Development

Barton is a Business Development, Sales and Management professional with over 20 years of experience. Solutions oriented, collaborative and strategic, he has acted as DirectorRead Barton’s Full Bio >

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see an answer to your question, reach out to us here

Digital accessibility simply enables your digital elements — such as websites, native apps, and PDFs — to be readable and understandable to a greater number of people, including people with disabilities (who are 27% of the overall population).


Ensuring digital compliance with accessibility laws and regulations protects your organization against accessibility litigation — which is up 200% in the last 5 years.

27% of the population has some form of disability (such as a visual limitation, for instance), that makes it difficult or impossible for them to read, comprehend or interact with the content in your digital assets such as websites, apps, PDFs and more.

Enabling your organization’s digital accessibility means that your content becomes available to a greater number of potential clients and customers, who are currently not able to engage with your products, services or information.

The A11Yn platform offers customizable, experience-based frameworks, processes, knowledge and tools to simplify all your accessibility initiatives.

The A11Yn Accessibility Framework offers internal support for your team, while Digita11y Accessible can offer additional support in terms of expert personnel and consulting — as needed.

Nurturing Inclusivity

How can we enable your team or community?

At Digita11y Accessible, we are passionate about enabling teams and supporting communities — so that your organization can drive impact with accessibility, inclusivity and engagement for all.

That’s why we offer leading-edge accessibility services, education, and support; so that your org and members can benefit.

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