Digita11y Accessible announces its first-ever Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) Event, a virtual half-day affair that will help raise visibility for Accessibility awareness on GAAD’s 10th anniversary.  

This year will mark Digita11y Accessible’s inaugural GAAD Event, an occasion the company is committed to hosting annually to actively participate in supporting GAAD and the Accessibility community.   

The GAAD movement started with the aim of getting people world-wide to talk, think and learn about digital accessibility and inclusion for the more than one-billion individuals with disabilities across the world.  

Founded over 10 years ago, GAAD began when founders Joe Devon and Jennison Asuncion joined forces after connecting over Devon’s pivotal blog post on the need for Accessibility to become mainstream for developers. Together they leveraged their extensive networks in the Accessibility space to launch the GAAD movement which is now 10 years strong.   

The Digita11y Accessible GAAD Virtual Event will be held on Thursday, May 20, 2021 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm EST. The event will be free for all registered participants.  

Some of the speakers at this year’s Digita11y Accessible GAAD Virtual Event include:  

Niki Ramesh, Digital Accessibility Lead, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)  

Niki leads CBC’s accessibility efforts to provide delightful and inclusive online experiences for users with disabilities. Previously, she has worked at Deloitte Digital in product management and accessibility roles.  

Presentation: A11y Needs to be Included from the Start of Every Program & Why   


Caroline Desrosiers, CEO of Scribely, a San Francisco-based alt-text and audio description accessibility solutions company  

Caroline’s mission is to make images and videos more accessible to the blind community and more discoverable to search engines. Caroline is also the Co-Host of Say My Meme, a podcast that describes the Internet’s best memes for people who cannot see them. 

Presentations:  Dodge the Rotten Accessibility Tomato: Premiere Your Videos with Captions, Audio Description, and Transcripts & Get Organized and Optimize Your Visual Content at the Source with an Accessible (and Searchable) Image Gallery  


Cam Beaudoin, founder, The A11y Coder 

Cam is a Senior Accessibility consultant and evangelist. He has had a career in development and strategic consulting and brings a casual yet focused approach to digital accessibility.  

Presentations: A11y Strategy – From Organizational Zero to hero & A11y Shorts – Developers: Commit to basics   

Digita11y Accessible founder and CEO, Juan Olarte, will also be among industry experts who will be presenting at the event. 

To register for the Digita11y Accessible GAAD Virtual Event or for more information on the event go to: Digita11y Accessible GAAD 

About the company 

Digita11y Accessible was founded in August 2020 amid the pandemic turmoil. The Canadian tech startup has grown exponentially in recent months to a team of more than 20 employees (and counting) that is fully dedicated to bridging the Digital Accessibility gap for organizations.   

Digita11y Accessible is rewriting the digital Accessibility playbook with its proprietary interactive management tool, A11YnTM, a full-serve digital platform built to identify Accessibility gaps efficiently.