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Upskill your team

Accessibility Training

We offer a series of training opportunities to upskill and enable your teams, including expert-led, in-person courses, as well as virtual and automated video training. Our training is augmented with visual aids, practice exercises, and useful, downloadable tool sheets. We are able to customize courses to your specific business goals, and also offer our standard introductory accessibility training.

Our courses cover both general and technical topics including:

Build a foundational understanding of accessibility requirements, potential challenges, process needs, and implementation steps.

Learn how to develop with accessibility and/or remediate current digital assets in accordance to HTML 5 and ARIA requirements.

Understand technical mobile challenges and user specifications, in order to build or integrate accessibly.

Enable your agile teams to pair their current process with accessibility implementation for maximum integration.

Understand digital and user testing across various digital channels, to map failure challenges, verify corrective actions, and de-risk via remediation opportunities.

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