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Documents readable by all

Accessible PDFs are enabled for all your readers

Did you know that a large portion of your audience has trouble reading PDFs?

As many as 27% of your readers
— decision makers, clients, customers, sales prospects, patrons, community members and employees — have some form of vision loss or disability, and can’t fully engage with non-accessible PDFs.

This means your organization is missing out on opportunities
, and is at risk for accessibility litigation. The good news is that we can help, quickly and effectively.
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The Benefits of Accessible PDFs

Readability for All

Accessible PDFs are enabled to work with adaptive devices — to interpret the text, images and forms — so readers with vision loss and disabilities can fully engage with the information. 

Enable your PDFs Readability for All

Protect from Litigation

Accessibility litigation is up 200% since2017, including digital accessibility for websites and PDFs. Inclusivity, diversity and fairness are paramount to protect your organization and brand.

De-risk your PDFs Protect from Litigation

Capture Opportunities

Decision makers, customers, investors, and prospects cannot act on your product or service if they can’t access the info. Capture maximum engagement and opportunities with Accessible PDFs.

Capture PDF Opportunities Capture Opportunities

1/3 of people might need accessibility due to vision loss

How do Accessible PDFs work?

Accessible PDFs are enabled to work with adaptive technologies that read and interpret the PDF document for the viewer.

    Accessible PDF elements include:

    • Identifying elements for Headers, Footers, Sections, Lists and Paragraphs, so accessible readers can interpret information the way it was written and intended
    • Descriptive Alt-Text for Images and Graphs, so viewers can understand the visual elements that might otherwise ‘go unseen’
    • Correct display of Tables with mark-ups of Data, Columns, Rows and Formulas, so numerical elements are understandable
    • A Table of Contents with active Links to specific pages or sections, and more…

    Additionally, we will also include:

    • A Status Report listing all updates and accessibility improvements
    • Metrics about your Accessible PDFs.

      De-risk your organization to never miss opportunities again.

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      The Process

      STEP 1

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      STEP 2

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      STEP 3

      We Make PDFs Accessible

      We’ll use best practices to make your PDFs accessible and compliant.

      STEP 4

      PDF Delivery

      We’ll deliver back fully accessible PDFs, with useful document analytics.

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