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Analyze Current State

Audits & Assessments

Assess the current state of your digital assets — such as websites, web applications and native apps — in order to understand accessibility challenges, map barriers to engagement and assess risks.

We offer:

Assess large numbers of digital assets with numerous elements to receive an automated digital report quickly and effectively. Evaluate your accessibility scorecard and identify potential accessibility failures.

Our accessibility experts will manually audit key digital assets and specific elements to provide a strategic overview and detailed report on potential accessibility failures and user interaction challenges. We provide recommendations on corrective measures to improve digital engagement and compliance, to meet levels A and AA of the W3C WCAG 2.0/2.1 guidelines — with additional focus on de-risking and opportunity creation for your digital presence.

Understand the behaviours and challenges of users with disabilities and assistive technology devices, in order to improve quality of interaction. Deeply understand user needs to minimize failures, and maximally enable end-user interactions.

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Lower Litigation Risk With Compliance

Accessibility Compliance

Accessibility compliance is a key factor in de-risking your organization and digital assets. Digital litigation is on the rise, with companies, public institutions and communities at risk for inclusivity and compliance factors with direct risk elements in your web, mobile and document channels.
Allow our experts to assist your team in becoming WCAG and AODA compliant, using our proven tools, frameworks and measurable best practices.
How can we help with compliance?