Digita11y Accessible founder and CEO Juan Olarte will be presenting at the virtual event ‘Inclusive Impact: Building Accessible Web Experiences at Your Organization’ by MeaningfulWork taking place on March 10th at 2PM EST (11AM PST). This event is hosted by Aadhilah Nizamdeen and Raaj Chatterjee from MeaningfulWork It will be recorded and closed captioned. If you require accessibility accommodations, please let them know via email at raaj@meaningful.ca. Click here for full event details.

As we build digital tools and processes to serve our community, the need for accessible design is more important than ever. Attend MeaningfulWork’s ‘Inclusive Impact’ and learn strategies to strengthen accessibility into the core of all your web experiences. There will be a workshop presentation, followed by an expert panel discussion and Q&A to deliver practical takeaways for your organization.

The panel discussion and Q&A will reveal diverse industry insights that can help you build accessible websites for maximum positive impact to your organization. Our panelists are leaders and representatives from the accessibility and non-profit industries, who champion digital inclusivity through their lived and professional experiences.

Our founder and CEO, Juan Olarte, among the panel of accessibility experts, will be providing his perspective. The other speakers will be Varun Chandak, Founder of Access to Success, and Zeeshan Mahmood, QA Specialist, BMO Financial Group.

The following questions will be put forward to the Web Accessibility Panel:

  1. What is your definition of disabilities? Describe a person with disabilities.
  2. Why do organizations and businesses struggle with prioritizing web accessibility?
  3. Businesses with adequate funding are adopting inclusive practices such as building accessible websites, with financial incentives to give them a more competitive edge. How can a small non-profit organization compete in the same way, given their limited resources?
  4. As technology rapidly evolves year over year, what are some noticeable improvements you’ve come across on the internet that significantly improves the digital experience for people with disabilities?
  5. On the contrary, are there instances where “advancement” in technologies is creating more barriers for people?
  6. Can beautiful, innovative, modern websites be achieved while being accessibility compliant?
  7. Who is ultimately responsible in an organization to make decisions on prioritizing accessibility? Programmers? Designers? Management? Executives? How do they all fit into this discussion? And where do they begin?